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Content editor Owen Laser stands awkwardly in the middle of a hallway.

Owen Laser, Editor-in-Chief

Owen Laser is a senior and one of the editor-in-chief's for TSP. He's been a staff member at TSP for 3 years and joined because he has an enjoyment for challenge, a nose for news and knack for finding the truth in anything. Owen is mostly involved with playing musical instruments like piano and guitar. Although he enjoys journalism, Owen hopes to become a paleontologist or musician and wants to go to universities like the University of Chicago or Ann Arbor Michigan.

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Teenage hate culture

Owen Laser, Editor in Chief
April 9, 2021

Candidates debate, others disagree

Owen Laser, Editor-in-Chief
December 18, 2020
Michael lee poses with his hair dyed a lighter color.

Students find motivation in style

Owen Laser, Content Editor
May 12, 2020
Image showing runners racing through a line saying competition culture, last place.

Students lose sleep over competition

Owen Laser, Staff member
February 28, 2020
The pumpkin pie on a plate with bananas and blueberries on top.

Owen cooks up holiday recipies

Owen Laser, Content Editor
December 14, 2019
A blairing fire alarm like those during the school year.

Fire alarms frenzy VHHS students

Owen Laser, News Editor
December 13, 2018
This is an image of Lunchables Breakfast.

Nostalgia Fights

Owen Laser, Staff Reporter
May 17, 2018
This is a picture of Luis Catalan

Top Cougar returns this weekend

Owen Laser, Staff Reporter
March 9, 2018
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