Top Cougar returns this weekend


And…Action! This year’s Top Cougar is coming back March 10, complete with a new and unique theme, The Oscars.

As explained by Senior Student Council Adviser Ms. Wilson, Top Cougar is a senior-focused show where the nominees can showcase their talents.
Every Top Cougar had its theme to make it unique. With this one’s theme of the Oscars, there is a lot of room for creativity for the show.

“Contestants are now nominees; there will be a red carpet; our marketing for the show will include altered movie posters; nominees will receive “Oscars” when they advance,” Ms. Wilson said.

Top Cougar will be a little different this year, as last year is was hosted by one host, Nicky Morty. This year, the show will be hosted by two hosts: Sam Lemme and Jonathan Wallach.

“It’s easy to bounce off each other.” Lemme said.

This year, there are 10 nominees, and all of them have something unique to share.