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Dylan Cohen

Dylan Cohen, Staff Reporter

Dylan Cohen (@thedylanosaurus EVERYWHERE) is a gal you'd be proud to take home to your parents. She spends most of her time trying to remember names, living at Cook Memorial Public Library, and stressing about whether to start emails to teachers with "hey," or if that's too informal. We did a survey to see what famous celebrities, such as Justin Bieber and Danny Devito, thought of when we mentioned Dylan; the overwhelming response was, "... Who?" When not being the Supreme Ultra Lord of Mercury, Dylan spends her free time in the theatre and choir departments, or with her loyal subjects "the squad". If you see her in the hallway, yell out your favorite color! She'll probably forget that she requested you to do this in her bio, and will think you're very peculiar (and that you have a thing for blue, I suppose).

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