Golden Globe Nominations

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The entertainment industry has been bustling every since the nominations for the 74th annual Golden Globes Awards were announced. Winners of the Globes are typically well on their way to tearing up the Oscars. Everyone is dying to know what movies are must-sees, including myself. With a rigorous school schedule filled with extracurricular, I don’t have a lot of time to kick back and enjoy a night at AMC Theatres as much as I’d like to. However, here’s some of the buzz I’ve been picking up on both in school and online.

Best Motion Picture-Drama:

Moonlight is, according to, predicted to take home the Globe for Best Motion Picture. The story depicts a young man, Chiron, coming of age with a crazy home life during Miami’s “War on Drugs” era. The movie follows the young man, played by three different actors, grow up and struggle with his surroundings. Chiron’s life is seemingly on a predetermined path due to his upbringing. Moonlight is definitely one you don’t want to miss.


Best Actor-Drama:

Affleck, predicted to win this category, plays Lee Chandler in the movie Manchester by the Sea. Lee is called and summoned to return to his hometown after his brothers passing, and finds out he has been named guardian for his 16-year-old nephew, Patrick. This causes a great deal of pain and frustration for Lee, who is haunted by the memories that his hometown bring back. Don’t miss Affleck’s heart wrenching performance in Manchester by the Sea.


Best Actress-Drama:

This category is split between Amy Adam’s performance in Arrival and Natalie Portman’s performance in Jackie. While critics believe Arrival‘s Dr. Banks to me a more challenging role due to its avant-garde nature, the Globe will most likely go to Portman’s portrayal of the dignified, yet tormented, Jackie Kennedy.

Best Motion Picture-Musical or Comedy:

Mic, interestingly enough, says that although they believe La La Land will take the Globe, 20th Century Women is the Movie that deserves it. They go on to say that, “It’s a fools game to bet against La La Land at this point.” La La Land has already accumulated some awards under its belt, so it’s becoming a similar situation to Hamilton at the 70th annual Tony Awards: an absolute sweep. However, don’t let that completely rule out any interest of seeing 20th Century Women; Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 92% satisfaction rating.

Best Actor-Musical or Comedy:

While this is, according to critics, the best work that Hugh Grant has does in his entire career, the Golden Globe is predicted to go to either Gosling or Reynolds.

Best Actress-Musical or Comedy:

Emma Stone will take the Globe home in this category for her stellar performance in La La Land (really, you’ve got to see it). However, Annette Bening had one of the best line readings of the year, and should not be forgotten.

Best Animated Motion Picture:

Best Animated Motion Picture is a tight race between Moana and Zootopia. What gives Moana the edge in predictions is how recently it came out in comparison to Zootopia‘s release all the way back in February, but the race is still very close. Congrats to Disney Animation Studios for having two smash hits in one year! This is definitely a category to look out for on awards night.

Best Supporting Actress:

Viola Davis, Michelle Williams, and Naomie Harris are all very strongly eligible for the Globe. Critics are leaning towards Williams, as Manchester by the Sea deals with very difficult subject matter, but it could go to any of these talented women.

Best Supporting Actor:

Critics everywhere agree that this Golden Globe will undoubtedly be taken home by Mahershala Ali in, arguably, the strongest performance in this year. Period. Juan, the character Ali portrays in Moonlight, is a drug dealer who mentor’s Chiron throughout his younger years. Juan’s struggle greatly centers around the fact that he wants to help guide Chiron to a better future, while knowing that he, himself, is the direct cause of his troubled home life.

Best Director:

Damien Chazelle for La La Land, Tom Ford for Nocturnal Animals, Mel Gibson for Hacksaw Ridge, Berry Jenkins for Moonlight, Kenneth Lonergan for Manchester by the Sea

We cannot forget the wonderful people who take cinematic masterpieces from an idea to the big screen. The fight between La La Land and Moonlight for awards continues in this category, but predictions are leaning towards Chazelle taking home the Globe. That is, however, unless they give the award to Jenkins in order to save Chazelle’s showering of awards for the Oscars.


Don’t forget to tune in to NBC on January 8th at 7 PM to see who wins!