Best buddies prom 2016

The annual Best Buddies prom, “Under the Sea” took place recently. Every Best Buddies program in the Lake County joined together to get donations, create decorations, and provide an environment for everyone to have a fun night. Keep an eye out for their Spring party April 8th, 3:30-4:30 pm!


Cassidy Gillespie-Dipinto

Cake to celebrate the “Under the Sea” prom theme

Carly Stern and Dylan Cohen

Kelly Starykowicz (12)

“I strive to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome wherever they are.”

“They are more accepting than anyone else I know. Most of them know what it is like to be discriminated against or offended and they live their lives making sure that no one else feels that way.”

“I love it when everyone is so involved and having fun in an activity.”

“The idea that people are excited to come to the event and spend time with people is what it is all about.”

Ms. Martin

“What I have found with BB is the huge impact that it has on my students. The friendships that are formed, and the profound effect that it has on the regular ed students: compassion, understanding, patience, and friendship that they never expected to happen. For me, seeing things that I knew existed in both groups and seeing them bloom together is really rewarding.”

“Seeing all the kids from Lake County at the event dancing, having fun, having a real prom experience; it’s just amazing to see it.”

“I’d like to see more kids get involved more to get to know the kids. Whether it’s through integrated P.E., or coming down and volunteering in my classroom, or seeing the kids sitting at a table at lunch and introducing themselves.”

Sarah Chang (11)

“They taught me how to be accepting not only to myself but to my peers as well.”

“They show nothing but endless kindness, I have been taught so many life lessons and gained so many friendships. This truly was a highlight in my highschool career.”

“There is nothing better than spreading love and seeing such genuine smiles, also making friendships that lasts years.”