What is Christkindlmarket?


A picture from this market (choosechicago.com)

Christkindlmarket, inspired by the 16th century festival in Nuremberg, Germany, is a festival that brings European and German culture to Chicago. This market is located at 50 W. Washington Street, and about a 10-minute walk from Union Station. According to Christkindl market’s website, “the unique shopping experience, typical German food and drinks, as well as diverse holiday entertainment make the Christkindlmarket Chicago a preferred and popular destination.”

They have a Christkind, “a fairy-like being dressed in gold and white robes with a crown upon her golden locks,” according to the Christkindlmarket website, “is the namesake of the Christkindlmarket Chicago.” She walks around the market every Wednesday and Saturday

They also have many shops that have a variety of items from ornaments to backpacks. I bought a mug, that looked very cool. A pair of mittens, that were handmaid. Also, light up a paper star that I hung up in my room.

The food at this market was so good there was so much of it. There was bratwurst that smells very good. One of the shops sold a drink called “warm vanilla drink” and it was amazing. Also, they had some cheese that I got to sample, which was very good. Also, they had a place that sold flavored pretzels I tried the cheesecake that was very good some other flavors were pumpkin spice and pizza.         

I went with my friends, Abby Kwon (11) and, Jordyn DeYoung (11), to this festival. “I thought it was pretty cool,” Kwon said. “There [are] a bunch of different shops, and every shop had different crafts/artisans.”  

Kwon felt that she“ liked it because it really got [her] in the Christmas mood, and it is a good way to experience a new culture.”

Kwon brought a bracelet at this festival, and her friend bought some presents for her friends

I felt that this festival was amazing, and I loved it. When I went in, I felt that I was transported to Europe. Most of the shops had people of European decent working there. Every shop had quality goods.        

Overall, this market is a good place to spend your evening during the break. But I would hurry in because it closes on the 24th.