The Scratching Post

Brandon Frederick

Brandon Frederick, Staff Reporter

Brandon is a Senior in high school and a staff reporter on the Vernon Hills Scratching post.  He looks forward to being apart of the school newspaper program for the remainder of his senior year and hopes to put his critical, and observant personality to use by covering controversial events in Vernon Hills.  He has an interest in U.S. History and wants to go to Law school when he's older.  He is a huge football fan; the American kind (National Anthem plays in the background) and his favorite teams are the New England Patriots and the Chicago Bears.  He bandwagon-ed the Patriots after they had won the Super Bowl when he was seven, and has been hated on by his friends who are Bears and Packers fans.  However, he retorts such criticism with, what he says is his famous catchphrase, "They hate us cuz they ain't us.".

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