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The student newspaper of Vernon Hills High School

The Scratching Post

The student newspaper of Vernon Hills High School

The Scratching Post

VHHS athletes head out as spring blooms

Pasquale Atteo
Jeremy Gitzinger (11) runs to third base during a baseball game.

As they trade in textbooks for gloves and cleats, the Baseball and Softball teams gear up for spring break.

The softball and baseball teams go on yearly spring break trips during the spring season.

These trips take place so the athletes can compete against different teams, rather than the local ones.

This year, the baseball team will be going to Southern Illinois.

Pasquale Atteo, the head baseball coach, will head down with the team to a tournament about 45 minutes away from Southern Illinois University.

“This year’s baseball tournament is called the Spring Classic 2024, and there are about twenty-four teams that are going down there,” Atteo stated.

The baseball program will be taking the Varsity and JV teams.

¨I think that a lot of people can look at baseball as being an individual position, nine of those, on a field, which can play a role in the game so there is a balancing act in terms of trying to get kids to unite as one because of ego,¨ Atteo said.

Students on the baseball who have gone on this trip before like Jeremy Gitzinger (11) look at this trip as a fun and helpful experience.

“The trip was a great opportunity to explore our team’s skill set and was key in giving us a head start to our season,” Gitzinger stated.

The varsity softball team will be heading to Alabama.

“The varsity team travels to Gulf Shores, Alabama, to play in a tournament over spring break.  This will be our 7th year playing in this tournament,” Janice Pauly, the head coach of the softball team, said.

Pauly said many of the softball players have been in the program and on this trip before.

Softball needs nine players and has to account for substitutes in case of injury.

“The varsity team will consist of eleven returning players, so we aim to repeat as the CSL and the Regional Champions this season. We will carry twelve players on the team to start the season,” Pauly said.

The students who have gone to these trips see it as a memorable experience.

Lindsey Svrusis (11)  attended the trip last year and had fun.

“I love being able to travel as a team to Alabama and spend a week with teammates. It’s so fun playing against new teams from across the country and then being able to hang out at the beach after!” Svrusis said.

These trips are a way to expand students’ skills and force students to improve their skills by being challenged by other teams.

“We play strong teams from the southern states, and it is perfect for spring training and preparing the team for competition back home,” Pauly said.

Overall the trips are deemed as a memorable learning experience from both the coaches and players.

“The feeling of community that I get from the team, the traditions, and how every day there’s something new to look forward to. I love being able to travel as a team to Alabama and spend a week with teammates making the best memories,”  Svrusis stated.

The 2022-2023 softball team poses for a team photo: Katie Polisson (12), Shyanne St. Louis (12), Lily Kozin (12), Katie Cir (11), Izzy Loiben (11), Brett Yuter (12), Cate Pangilinan (11), Lindsey Svrusis (11), Samone Stevens (12), Morgan Hart (12), Amanda Teschky (alumna), Emma O’Flaherty (alumna). (Jan Pauly)