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The student newspaper of Vernon Hills High School

The Scratching Post

The student newspaper of Vernon Hills High School

The Scratching Post

In it to win it: seniors participate in spirit-filled tradition

Elyse Davis
Jamie Gold (12), wide reciever, running to catch football in a rigorous team practice.

Powderpuff season is upon the class of 2024. Seniors are getting ready to go head-to-head on the football field on Monday, Oct. 2. 

Motivation to join

The powderpuff game is a tradition of having female identifying students create teams to face off in a flag football game the Monday of homecoming week. 

The class of 2024 has joined in on this senior tradition. Emma Fricano (12) expressed her readiness to be a participant in this senior activity. 

“I have watched it the past couple years, and it always seemed super fun and has been a tradition that I have always wanted to participate in,” Fricano said. 

Naiya Bass (12), also a Powder Puff player, echoed sentiments similar to Fricano of wanting to get more involved in school culture. 

“I decided for my senior year, I want to try everything,” Bass said.

After participating in Senior Lip Sync, Bass decided to join her friend group in creating a team. 

“Most of my [Powderpuff] team is my Lip Sync group, so we all just decided to play together,” Bass said. 

Abhishek Kakde (12), a coach for a Powder Puff team, also was persuaded pushed to coach by from his friend group. 

“My friends from Lip Sync were doing it, and they asked me to join, so I decided to coach,” Kakde said. 

Practice makes perfect

Fricano’s team started practicing specific plays with her team, preparing to win the game with their improved communication. 

“We are working on our communication and figuring out what we need to work on before the game even starts,” Fricano said. 

Additionally, Kakde and his team are focusing on the specific plans for the field they will use in the game. 

“We are just coming up with plays that no one has seen before and having everyone practice together,“ Kakde said. 

Moreso, Bass is learning the basics about football from her team, getting ready for Oct. 2. 

“They know what they are talking about, they are just trying to teach us,” Bass said. 

Contact sport? 

Another opinion that has surfaced from the class of 2024 is the hopes of making this tradition a contact sport. 

“I kind of wish it would be a contact sport…I want the full football experience,” Fricano said. 

Additionally, when Kakde was asked what he would want if changes were to be made, his opinions were similar to Fricano’s. 

“I think I would definitely not be as soft,” Kakde said. 

The Powderpuff game functions as flag football as of right now and will kick off spirit week leading up to Homecoming.