Enjoy the treasures of the sea: Sushi Review

Imagine this: you’re walking out of a restaurant with your stomach overflowing with the most divine, delectable sushi you’ve ever had in your life. You’re moaning and groaning in discomfort, asking yourself ‘oh why did I have to eat all that sushi?’ Although that might be uncomfortable, it’s one of the most satisfying feelings you’ll feel after eating a meal. You’ll experience that feeling by eating at Oishi Sushi. Oishi Sushi is more than just a sushi restaurant that provides people with endless amounts of sushi; it also provides non-sushi eaters with an alternative option such as cooked meals.

They offer a variety to all, with many different options to appease everyone’s  taste buds. However, let’s take a deep dive into what the restaurant is most known for: the sushi. Oishi Sushi is an all-you-can-eat restaurant, meaning, you can eat all the sushi you want after paying a one-time fee of $29. Should you choose that route, you’ll be given a sheet of paper with a whole list of sushi to pick from. The caveat is whatever you don’t finish, you’ll be charged $1 per piece of leftover sushi.

The salmon and avocado roll is one of my favorites. The salmon’s succulent chewiness meshes with the avocado like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. When you combine that with the saltiness of the soy sauce, a hint of wasabi and a sliver of ginger, I can promise you that your taste buds will be jumping for joy. The rainbow roll is another one of my favorites. Its majestical, wide array of the sea makes this roll a must-try. On the top of the roll, your eyes will be bouncing up and down, drawn to the salmon, white tuna, red snapper, and avocado. Inside this sea creature, you’ll find crab stick, creamy avocado, and a fresh crunch of cucumber. This roll is also a definite must-try for all the sushi connoisseur.

But, of course with every restaurant, there are some options that aren’t as enjoyable. For instance, the spicy dragon roll. The spicy dragon roll has a very misleading name. This roll isn’t spicy at all. If anything, it has more of an overpowering taste of eel sauce. It’s almost impossible to successfully pick up this roll and eat all of its contents together, such that it would bring paradise to my taste buds. The roll falls apart, leaving everything in shambles. I wouldn’t really recommend this unless you’re in the mood for an abstract and unorganized puzzle of tastes.

Now, let’s take a dive into the service, which is one of the most important components of an enjoyable experience at any restaurant. At Oishi Sushi, the service is unsatisfactory. There are only 2-3 servers in the entire restaurant, which makes service slow upon simple requests like water or the bill. Thus, I strongly wouldn’t recommend eating at this restaurant unless you have the time and the patience.

In my opinion, the atmosphere could improve. The restaurant is small and cramped, with not much seating flexibility. The tables fill up quickly as there aren’t many tables. The lighting inside is somber, making it hard to see the menus, bills, etc. The music meshes well with the overall mood of the restaurant, with a soft, uplifting melody in the background. Unless you don’t mind being close to strangers who might have screaming children, I wouldn’t recommend eating at this restaurant.

Overall, Oishi Sushi has very tasty sushi that everyone should give their taste buds the pleasure of experiencing. The atmosphere is relaxing for the most part with the uplifting and soothing music in the background. But, it can also feel very loud since everyone is cramped together. Although the service wasn’t top-notch, I think the pricing for the sushi was appropriate. Overall, after careful consideration of a variety of aspects, I’d give Oishi Sushi an 8/10.