Words of Wisdom: The Best Quotes from our Seniors

Senior Quotes give students a chance to sum up their time in high school with a short message. Whether it’s their own words, a quote from a friend or favorite celebrity, it gives graduating students a place to leave their mark on the school. Historically, senior quotes have been displayed in the yearbook, but many schools, including VHHS, have eradicated them due to inappropriate messages.


“Uh” – Daniel Conlon

“I live my life a quarter mile at a time” – Dominic Toretto – Noe Pacillas

“Change is good.” – Lily Cairo

“Take it one day at a time it may be stressful in the moment but it will pay off in the end. You got it, keep believing in yourself.” – Jenna Saleh

“High school gave me a harder time than the TSA at O’Hare.” – Mohammad Abo Nayef

“Do things for yourself, not for others” – Megan Derby

“Everything happens for a reason” – Kate Bowler – Lauren Bowers

“You stay classy, San Diego” – Ron Burgundy – Lilith Zartler

“Long Live Mickey” – Lou Malnati’s Libertyville – Will Hein

“If there’s a will, there’s a way. If there’s a Quizlet, there’s an A.” – Riley Donaldson

“Work hard, play hard” – Addi Mooney

“They say anything is possible, you got to dream like you never seen obstacles” – J Cole – Jasmine Paddock

“A dollar might, turn to a million then we all rich.” – Kendrick Lamar – Erik Johnson

“Its not that your wrong, I’m just right” – James Jarzabek

“I love it here. Correction: I loved it here.” – Meredith Grey – Abigail Bellson

“Make sure to take care of your own dying island before you take care of someone else’s” – Dekiya Sheila Donald

“I hope that one day, when I look back on high school—what I’ve accomplished, the friends I’ve made, and the growing I’ve done– that it is the first paragraph of a long, well-loved book.” – Elizabeth-Ann Yates

“Always believe that the impossible is always possible” – Selena Quintanilla – Melany Sanchez