Disney Do’s and Don’ts

When we visit “the most magical place on Earth”, what are some we look forward to? Many may say going on the rides, meeting the characters, or just the experience of having that childlike feeling whenever you walk into a park. But what I look forward to when I visit is the food. And as a constant DIsney-goer, I feel it was my civic duty to rate some of the best and worst snacks at Magic Kingdom. To tell the people what are the Disney do’s and Disney don’ts when it comes to food at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park.

Magic Kingdom is well known for being the most popular Disney theme park but is also notorious for its iconic Disney foods. Let’s start by journeying into Adventureland; as you walk towards Adventureland you are greeted with tropical and flourishing plants from each side. As you walk in you’re greeted with a turquoise food cart. In this cart there are two different kinds of spring rolls. One is a cheeseburger spring roll, and the other is a pastrami spring roll. These are surprisingly one of the most popular snack items to get at the Magic Kingdom. Though personally, I find the spring rolls to be a one-time experience. When I tasted the cheeseburger spring roll I found it was decent. It honestly just felt like ground beef, pickles, and cheese were stuffed into a spring roll, which made the spring roll very greasy and had slightly too much dill. Therefore I give the cheeseburger spring roll a 6.5 out of 10 on an overall rating of the food. The pastrami one on the other hand is something that I found to be very delectable. The crunchy outside of the wonton paired nicely with the pastrami on the inside, and the mustard dipping sauce added a nice kick. If you are a big fan of pastrami I highly recommend that you try this, it is a new take on a pastrami sandwich. I give the pastrami spring roll an 8 out of 10 overall. As you travel further into Adventureland you are met with several walk-up restaurants that serve Dole Whip. Dole Whip is a soft-serve pineapple ice cream treat. Now Dole Whip is probably the most infamous food item of Disney World. When battling the Florida heat on a hot day, having a refreshing cup of soft-serve pineapple ice cream just hits the spot. Dole Whip can be served with different ice cream flavors alongside it, or even with different juices. They have created many variations that there is a Dole Whip item for everyone’s liking. I 100% recommend Dole Whip giving it a 10 out of 10.

As you leave Adventureland you then step foot into Frontierland, The twang of country music plays in your ears as you walk down the streets of an old western town wooden buildings line the dirt-colored road. Here you can find a sweet tea frozen drink that they serve at several restaurants. As a sweet tea enthusiast, when I saw the frozen iced tea I was ecstatic. Yet I was met with disappointment the moment I drank the frozen drink. All I could taste was sugar with the slightest hint of black tea — something just felt off. The one thing I will admit is consistency was better compared to some frozen drinks I’ve had at Walt Disney World, but I would not recommend this drink. The overall rating is a 2 out of 10. As I wandered out of Frontierland, I began to see cottages and castles entering my line of sight. Here you can find my absolute favorite Disney treat of all time, the Cheshire Cat Tail. This can be found at the Cheshire Cafe at the edge of Fantasyland. The Cheshire Cat Tail is simply a rectangular croissant stuffed with chocolate chips with a pink and purple frosting glaze over top. This treat is the perfect balance of chocolate and croissant. The outside is crisp with a warm and gooey inside, and the frosting adds a bit of sweetness that you didn’t expect you would like. This is another 10 out of 10 snacks that I think everybody needs to try, and I think is a Hidden Gem that many people pass up.

Walt Disney World has endless options of food that you honestly can’t go wrong with, and even though some of these snacks weren’t up to my liking doesn’t mean they aren’t up to yours. One of my favorite things to say is “Don’t knock it till you try it”. and that’s what I encourage all of you to do next time you visit Walt Disney World, take the opportunity to travel around the park and try as many snacks as you can.