Cougar Crossword Answer Key

ACROSS 1 Mrs. Simpson MARGE 6 Null, legally VOID 10 Agency placing H.S. students in university sports NCSA 14 bh/2 or lw calculations AREAS 15 More like Nearpod or Flipgrid? EDTECHIER 17 Skull skin SCALP 18 Don’t pull off the heist GETCAUGHT 19 Taxed on the turnpike TOLLED 21 Yang counterpart YIN 22 Soon-to-be grads SRS 23 Rulers of Wessex or Sandwich EARLS 26 Mamma ___! MIA 28 Exclamation after dropping a plate, e.g. IBROKEIT 31 Augments ADDSTO 35 Menken of the Disney Renaissance ALAN 36 Mani-pedi place SPA 37 Congregant without ordination LAYMAN 38 Conductor ___-Ann Chen MEI 39 C-14 or U-235 ISOTOPE 41 Connectivity co. ISP 42 Vietnamese sub BANHMI 44 Gold, in Guadalajara ORO 45 ___boy, as encouragement ATTA 46 Rides the slopes over, as snow SKISON 47 Dancer or Donner, for example REINDEER 49 It can be rt. or obts. ANG 50 “Help!” and “S.O.S.” SONGS 51 Pres #16, familiarly ABE 54 Country between Sud. and Eth. ERI 56 Mississippi birthplace of Elvis TUPELO 60 Blew up BALLOONED 64 Vertical line on the plane YAXIS 65 Vital essence LIFEFORCE 66 Digital abs? ECORE 67 If pair, in computer science ELSE 68 Cat call? MEOW 69 Hawaiian geese, essentially NENES DOWN 1 Sail holder MAST 2 With the bow, orchestrally ARCO 3 Like a, in a+bi REAL 4 Spanish treasure ship GALLEON 5 Online lingo? ESPEAK 6 Onion or pepper, briefly VEG 7 Poem “on a Grecian Urn” or “to Wordle” ODE 8 Teensy ITTY 9 What divides 3 from 1, in pi DECIMALPOINT 10 Often-advertised New Eng. college, with “Southern” NHU 11 Little cancer risks, briefly CIGS 12 Very, to a Bavarian SEHR 13 Drama and sculpture, among others ARTS 16 Family of dogs and foxes CANIDAE 20 Spot to gussy up before the show DRESSINGROOM 24 Fat removal procedure, in brief LIPO 25 Fixed partners of rotators STATORS 27 Activist Barkan with ALS ADY 28 Short/long feet in a 7-Down IAMBS 29 Grim BLEAK 30 Rodriguez of Austin & Ally fame RAINI 32 Wallop, biblically SMITE 33 Flavor TASTE 34 Meeting expectations ONPAR 39 “___ a kind” or “___ one”, as claims to individuality IMONEOF 40 Crossword’s favorite cookie? OREO 43 Fund for med. fees HSA 45 Sidebar or header for marketing ADSPACE 48 Most common Vietnamese surname NGUYEN 51 Competent ABLE 52 Take out, as from the slammer or the schooner BAIL 53 Santa’s helpers, quaintly ELFS 55 With the key of D, as a composition INRE 57 Not an intron, for RNA EXON 58 Obsolete Italian cash LIRE 59 Sugars, by scientific suffix OSES 61 To Kill a Mockingbird author Harper LEE 62 Green prefix ECO 63 Moisture on the lawn DEW