Food and VHHS

Lunchtime at school unites the VHHS community

At Vernon Hills High School, eating gives students brief moments away from the stress of academics, whether it be snacking in the hallways, having a quick bite between class, or eating lunch in the cafeteria. Throughout the school day, VHHS students can be seen eating in a plethora of spaces. Food is a medium through which students can share experiences and unite as a community.

Photos 4 and 5:
Tymur Arsentiev (12) brings his calculus together in an unusual way. His classmates have made a game out of how many bananas he brings in a day to feast on during class. The highest amount he’s ever brought was 6.

“We need some febreze,” said Bethany Boehmer (12), Arsentiev’s classmate who sits next to him. “It [always] smells like bananas,”

Others love the tradition.

“It’s iconic,” said John Lee (12). “It’s just Tymur being Tymur.”

Photos 7 and 8:
The choir room is a unique space where many chamber choir students eat during period 3b.

“We’ve been eating together in the choir room because there’s no space in the cafeteria,” said Ryan Klene (11). “So we’ve kind of found this really awesome place where we can just kind of connect as a group and be together and have fun.”

For some students, there’s an anxiety with choosing where to sit in the cafeteria and wondering if there’s enough space to sit with your friends. Access to the choir room presents a special opportunity for students like Klene.

“If I go [to the choir room], I know that I can have friends that I can always talk to and hang out with.”