A trip down memory lane


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High school is often looked back on to be the “best four years” of somebody’s life. VHHS is filled with memories that stick with each student. This year’s senior class reflects back on their fondest memories as they say goodbye to VHHS and their high school years.

Brooke Bedell (12 she/her) recalled her favorite memories during senior year.

“Lip sync was definitely one of my favorite memories. It was so much fun meeting everybody for practices and rehearsals. That entire night was super memorable because the entire class felt united,” she said. 

Anika Urbonas’s (12 she/her) favorite memory is similar to Bedell’s.

“My favorite memories are the assemblies that we have the week of school dances, and those spirit weeks as well. The assemblies have been a great way to bring people together, from all grades. Even though grades are “rivals” against each other during these assemblies, we are all still brought together and share that time with each other,” she said.

Clubs and sports bring fond memories to the senior class.

“For track, one of my favorite things is singing on the bus ride back from meets and going out for food after with the whole team,” Maya Salwa (12 she/her) said. 

Alex Karston (12 he/they) reflected back on memories with the swim team.

“During swim season of my sophomore year, our team rode our bikes to Lake Michigan and had breakfast together afterwards,” Karston said.

Unification and community often bring fond memories to seniors. However, individual accomplishments among the Class of ‘22 have left a lasting impression.

Bedell recalled her biggest accomplishment.

“My biggest accomplishment was being elected Student Council Executive Board President. I’ve enjoyed every part of it, from meeting together during eighth period to organizing the assemblies,” Bedell said.

For Urbonas, her biggest and most memorable accomplishment has been how she has grown as a fine arts student.

“I’m most proud of how much I’ve grown in the fine arts. I’ve taken leadership opportunities, made it to All-State, been on stage every season, and have been involved in chamber choir and acapella. I’m proud of how much I’ve grown and improved,” Urbonas said. 

Karston looked back on his academic achievements.

“I’m most proud of my seal of biliteracy; it’s something I had been working for since 1st grade and it was so gratifying to get that letter and have all that work turn out,” he said.

Reflecting back on fond memories, seniors expressed their current emotions.

“Even though there were a lot of times that were stressful during this year, I’m going to miss working and creating with my classmates and student council,” Bedell said. 

Salwa shared similar feelings as she looked back on her high school years.

“It’s definitely a bittersweet moment. Our class specifically has gotten so close, especially this year. It’s sad to leave this place, but exciting at the same time because we all get to start a new chapter in our lives,” Salwa said.