Zodiacs: Brought us together or Taurus apart?

OMG! You’re so sensitive! Are you a Cancer?

You’re such an Aries…

Is it possible to associate every single personality trait with a zodiac sign? Does someone always identify with their zodiac’s traits? What even is a zodiac?

If this is confusing, here’s the rundown. 

According to costarastrology.com, a zodiac is a diagram that indicates the positions of planets and stars at the exact time someone was born.

Every person has three main zodiac signs: sun, moon and rising. 

The sun sign represents someone’s identity and role in life. This is likely the sign a friend would most associate someone with.

The moon sign dictates how people deal with feelings, moods, and emotions, showing a deeper, more vulnerable side. This sign is likely how somebody sees themselves. 

And lastly, the rising sign is how people want to appear to others, especially when first meeting someone, like a facade.

According to The Atlantic, “The practice has grabbed a foothold in online culture, especially for young people.”

Horoscopes are believed to predict how relationships or friendships will work out, if people can be attracted to others, how people tackle problem solving, how supportive someone can be and their compatibility level. 

Morgan Landry (9, she/her, Scorpio sun) discussed how the media influenced her involvement with zodiacs.

“I was really bored during quarantine, so I decided that I was going to research something I heard a lot about on Tik Tok,” said Landry. “The more I looked into it, the more I was like, ‘Oh my gosh. Wait. This kind of resonates with me.”

Anna Voichin (12, she/her, Cancer sun) had a similar stance on zodiacs.

“I’m very much a spiritual person in terms of believing that you can manifest things… I feel like with zodiacs, I can definitely see how they portray somebody’s different personality and characteristics,” she said.

Voichin resonates more with her rising sign, which is Virgo. She believes that zodiac signs are completely applicable, but the placement (sun, moon, rising) of a certain sign can be brought out differently in separate situations.

Affirming Voichin’s points, Landry said, “I think I come off more as a Sagitarrius [her rising sign], but I think internally, I’m more of a Scorpio [her sun sign].”

When it came to friendships, Voichin wasn’t opposed to making friends with people of a specific sign, but still noticed that certain zodiac qualities applied to her friends. 

Like Voichin, Landry felt like her sun sign played into her friendships, but other relationships, too.

“I think as a Scorpio, it’s hard for me to open up with people sometimes… I can be very stubborn in my stances,” Landry said.

In contrast to Voichin and Landry’s perspectives on zodiacs, Fabian Reyes (11, he/him, Virgo sun) is indifferent and believes that while some traits might exhibit to their horoscope, it’s largely unique for every person.

Regardless of whether somebody believes that zodiacs and horoscopes are applicable, everybody has a star chart unique to them. One of the websites that provides personalized star charts is costarastrology.com.