Roses are red, violets are blue, singles love Valentine’s too

Oh, Valentine’s Day. It’s a perfect holiday if you enjoy all the annual rituals of buying boxed chocolates, exchanging corny elementary school cards, chewing chalky pastel hearts or being bombarded with the red and pink every storefront decorates with.
However, for anyone who finds themselves completely alone on February 14th, Valentine’s Day is not the day that American fantasy paints it out to be.
According to a TSP survey of 170 students, 70.6% of respondents reported that they are not in a relationship. With that statistic, it’s pretty clear that our school is in dire need of some ideas on how to spend the day solo while having just as much (if not more) fun than someone in a relationship. So, without further ado, here are some ideas on how to spend Valentine’s Day while single!

  1. What’s a better way to spend a night alone than watching a movie? No one to nag you about needing more popcorn, getting up in the middle to use the bathroom or talking during your favorite scene. But this Valentine’s Day, don’t waste your time watching cheesy rom-coms just to feel sorry for yourself. Instead, watch something that celebrates the individual experience!
  2. Teacher Leslie Nardini (she/her) suggested getting a group of close friends or family together for some “good old-fashioned fun.” Some activities Nardini suggested were sledding, ice skating and a large snowball fight!
  3. Buy yourself a pizza! Lou Malnati’s offers heart-shaped pizzas on Valentine’s Day. What’s better? They come in individual sizes because no one expects you to have someone to share it with.
  4. Mackintyre Rash (11, he/him) has used Valentine’s Day to support other kinds of love.                                                   “I think just getting in the spirit of it, not even [with] romantic love, just platonic love,” Rash said.                     Maddie Wayne (10, she/her) shared a similar notion.                                                                                                            “I spend a lot of time with my friends and family. It’s important not to forget that we have a love for friends and family too,” Wayne said.
  5. Celebrate a different national holiday. Did you know that February 14th is also national library lovers day and national clean out your computer day? A library is a great place for some quality alone time. And you might as well clean out your computer while you’re there!
  6. Buy yourself some chocolate! But none of that too sweet sticky chocolate that comes in the heart-shaped boxes. Instead, try dark chocolate.
  7. Take advantage of discounts. Valentine’s Day is notorious for jewelry sales, restaurant discounts, and other sales that you can enjoy just as much alone!
  8. A survey respondent reflected on how her dad had always made the day really special for her and her sister growing up. It might be time for you to make the day special for someone who makes every other day special for you! Whether that’s a family member or friend, plan a simple and fun surprise for them to show them how much you appreciate them.
  9. If you’re truly desperate, escape is also an option. Book a trip to Australia. If you leave from Chicago on the 13th, you’ll land in Australia on the 15th and not even have to worry about dealing with the day at all.
  10. Maybe this is the year to approach the day in a new light.                                                                                                      “I think Valentine’s Day should be celebrated as a kindness day,” Nardini said, “I would reach out to people to let them know how special they are to me.”

So this Valentine’s Day, remember that it doesn’t matter how you celebrate it or who you do it with!