Cougars reveal the ‘bests’ of the school

Everyone has their favorites, especially when it comes to the aspects of the school.

TSP conducted a survey where 167 students gave their opinions on the ‘bests’ of the school. While some have clear winners, other topics are clearly up for debate.

One topic that split the student body is the ‘best’ study hall room in VHHS.

Bobby Cattapan (12) believes the CRC is the best studying room at VHHS.

“It [CRC] clean wipes the competition,” Cattapan said.

However, CRC only managed to place third, not chalking up to the ARC, which earned 20.1% of all votes, winning.

One reason for this being highly debatable is due to the CRC not being open to freshmen, leaving only upperclassmen to enjoy the luxuries.

Additionally, Cattapan believes the CRC being laid back is what makes it so special.

“The energy, the vibe, the games. It’s just a great place to be” Cattapan said.

Though they still didn’t win, CRC gained 16% of the vote for the best chairs.

Alyse Lichtenstein (12) shares the unpopular opinion, believing that the CRC chairs are the most ideal.

These chairs include a wider back of the chair with a nice comfy cushion. No other rooms in the school contain these chairs, limiting them to the CRC.

While many classes include chairs with a similar back set up, no class has a cushion on the bottom of its chairs like the CRC.

The poll also found that the new triangle desk chairs got the majority vote with 34.4%.

These desks came to Vernon Hills in 2019 and the wide back with spinning wheels make it the most popular chair.

As for the best water fountain, there is no debate.

In a landslide vote, the 2nd water fountain next to the field house was the students’ favorite with 41% of students agreeing.

“It’s always super cold and has the best water,” Lichtenstein said.