Fantasy football catches enjoyment from fans


The NFL season is in mid-season form and so are fantasy football leagues. Participants compete in leagues with friends and family with an end goal to win their league. This season has come with many ups and downs for fans, fantasy participants, and bettors. 

Teams like the Arizona Cardinals have started the NFL season undefeated in 2021. Cardinals fan Carson Lindley (12) was shocked by this beginning.

 “I did not think [the Arizona Cardinals] would be this good. I thought they would be at the end of the year a 9-8 team,” he said.

In a TSP conducted survey of 103 students, 73% of respondents root for either the Bears or Packers, but Lindley is not one of them. Along with being a Cardinals fan, Lindley competes in a fantasy football league with 11 other students. 

Fantasy football is a game where people select NFL players to play for their online team and score ‘points’ based on their in-game statistics. According to ESPN, there are about 40 million people who play fantasy football. At Vernon Hills, more than 70 students play fantasy football. Of survey respondents, 68% said they play fantasy football. 

“Our winner is getting $500, and our second place $100,” Lindley said.

Carson explained during the week before a game it gets very intense.

“There is a ton of smack talk,” Lindley said. 

This is a competitive way participants talk about their fantasy football teams throughout the week in hopes of getting a win against opponents. 

As for the NFL season, it’s in mid-season form with, “so much drama” said Mrs. Carroll. According to her, Green Bay has been an absolute mess of a franchise. 

“It was really frustrating as a Packer fan,” said Carroll. 

She’s been a Green Bay Packers fan her entire life and showed her frustration with the organization this year, but is pleased with the team’s record. As of press time, the team stands at 7-1. 

Aaron Rodgers, a Green Bay quarterback said this is his “last dance,” in reference to the 1996 Chicago Bulls after they announced it would be their last season together. 

In the same survey, VHHS students voted on mid-season awards, and Cincinnati’s Ja’Marr Chase is your Rookie of the Year. Ja’Marr, the former Louisiana State wide receiver, has broken the record for most receiving yards in a player’s first eight games with 786 yards. The rookie phenom is second, behind LA’s Cooper Kupp, in receiving yards this season. Along with Chase, rookie receiver Rondale Moore has shocked Arizona fans.

“The second round rookie Rondale Moore, he’s been really good,” said Lindley. 

Moore, the Purdue graduate, has over 300 receiving yards and a touchdown. 

Tennessee running back Derrick Henry is currently students’ pick for Player of the Year, with Tom Brady a close second. Henry was one of two running backs to receive votes, and he’s currently first in rushing yards and touchdowns. Henry would be the first running back since Adrian Peterson in 2012 to win the league’s MVP award.