Winter photography aesthetic


Thomas Winegardner

The Bean packed on a busy Black Friday

Winter break is right around the corner, as well as the start to winter photography. Winter photography has a different aesthetic and colors used compared to other seasons of the year. The aesthetic of winter photos is one that seems to please the eyes of its consumers and even teachers.

“All of the branches have that glistening coating of ice. Everything just looks really cool,” said photography teacher Stephanie Dahlstrom.

The shining white and clear colors are what really sparks the pleasure to the public. Around the Vernon Hills area, there are few spots to capture these photos, but many in the Chicago area.

“Morton arboretum, down in Lisle, they just have these really cool light shows,” said Dahlstrom.

This is Lisle’s ninth annual experience in a one mile walk that captures lighting, festive music, and the beauty of the Chicago winter trees. Gabby Reyes (11), a former student of Dahlstrom, has enjoyed taking photos at other locations,

“Any road where there’s tall canopies of trees,” said Reyes.

These spots are her favorite for many reasons, but one of them is the visual aspect from the snow,

“The snow makes the trees look like tunnels,” said Reyes.