Upperclassmen benefit from college rep visits


Lexi Reinstein

Juniors Sarah Favour (11) and Christina Hseieh (11) talk one on one with a representative from Columbia College

As upperclassmen put their focus toward college applications, students are looking for answers to help them through the process. Students have found the answers to those questions by attending  college rep visits right at the school. 

College Rep visits began in September and carry over into the first week of November, when most early action college applications are due. Seniors turn to college rep visits for help on what colleges are looking for on their college applications. 

“When students are seniors, and are in the middle of the application season, they are able to hear tips about what the college is looking for in the application,” said Becki Bellito, college counselor. 

According to Devin Mulcrone (12) , students can ask their own specific questions to the college reps in person. 

“You can ask them questions that you have, and they can answer them right there,” said Mulcrone.

Every college has an application that is personalized to them. Students have the opportunity to meet with college reps and ask questions specific to that college’s application. 

“If they’re hung up on one part of the application, they can ask the right questions about it,” said Bellito.

College rep visits not only help seniors through the application process, but can also help juniors who have just begun the college search process. 

Raquel Ruiz (11), found the college rep visits to be very informative.

“They gave us a lot of information and a lot of time to ask questions and more information about campus life and what we can do,” said Ruiz.

Bellito thinks these visits can help juniors decipher which colleges they will apply to in the upcoming year.

“[One] visit can be enough to tell them this is a place I seriously want to consider,” said Bellito.  

College rep visits not only give a personalized experience, but can also save students the travel if they are looking at schools all the way across the country.

“I think students should take advantage of the fact that they don’t have to schedule a trip out to that campus to get the information,” said Bellito.

Although college rep visits can save students a plane ride across the country, Bellito does not think college rep visits should serve as a substitution for seeing the campus in person and taking a tour.

“I think that visiting the campus is ultimately the best way to get the sense of whether or not it is a good fit for a student,” she said.  

Ruiz has similar thoughts.

“I do think that going to the actual school can help make your decision easier because you can try to determine if you feel a sense of place within the atmosphere,” said Ruiz.  

Mulcrone thinks that students are able to find more information specific to the major they are interested in by attending college rep visits, rather than going on a campus tour.

“I don’t think we hear a lot about what programs they offer or what their majors are. At a college  visit you can ask them questions and hear from them on what would be a good fit for you,” said Mulcrone.