Fall Fashion Features

Juniors showcase this year’s styles


(Erick Herrera pictured) Sweater: Mássimo Dutti, Flannel: Pull&Bear, Joggers: Pacsun, Shoes: Midnight Navy Jordan’s

Sweater weather is here, and cool temperatures and falling leaves mean Vernon Hills students are stepping up their outfit games. Back-to school deals are bringing out new styles in vogue and some juniors are embracing it.

“One of the reasons fall is my favorite season to dress is because the weather is changing so much that you can wear so many varieties of outfits within just a week if you want,” said Megan Rakers (11). “One day it could be 80° and you get to wear a really nice dress, and then
the next it could be down to 60° and you get to wear a cute sweater and jeans.”

Dressing with layers, especially with a flannel, is a big trend this year, along with vintage styles making a big comeback. Rakers gave her opinion on what else is trending this year.

“A lot of sweaters or long sleeve shirts are being incorporated into outfits because the weather is getting colder. And then a lot of fashion trends that I’m seeing right now are a lot of 2000’s and 90’s fashion, specifically fashion from shows like Gilmore Girls, Friends, and Twilight,” she said.

Erick Herrera (11) said following the trends is equally important as stepping outside the box.

“I mean, obviously, I try to dress with the trends. But sometimes you gotta make the trends,” he said As for colors, a wide range of warm autumn tones to offset neutral colors like white and dark blue are great
for layering this season.

“I think right now for girls there are a lot of colors that are coming back into fashion during the fall, for example, beige, black, brown, and caramel,” said Rakers.

“I also think that a lot of the colors in so many styles can work well with the changing color in nature and they just complement the outfits even more.”

While trends are always fun to follow, dressing for school can sometimes be stressful. But students like Katya Paykina (11) have an easy-going approach to making outfits; she’s casual and simply has fun making outfits to wear to school.

“I like to plan my outfits beforehand when I get really excited,” Paykina said. “Like, if I get a new shirt then I’ll be like oh my god, I’m gonna wear this tomorrow. Or if I really want to dress nice the next day, I’ll pick it out the night before.”

Celebrities also play a part in fashion inspiration. Paykina gave her thoughts on which celebrities have a good style to imitate.

“Probably Emma Chamberlain, which is what every girl says. Or Natalie Portman. I really like the way she dresses too,” she said.

Rakers also knows how to stay true to herself while being stylish. She says she has learned how to ignore judgement and how to be free to express herself.

“I used to dress for others, but now I dress for myself. I wear what makes me happy whether it’s a T-shirt and jeans or a dress from the 1960’s; as long as it makes me happy, I wear it,” she said.

Being free of judgement also means accepting some embarrassment about old old styles. In Herrera’s case, his style has made drastic changes since his freshman year.

“It’s changed from wearing neon sports clothes all the time. I thought it was so dope. But I guess when you grow, your perspective changes, and you learn what to wear and what not to wear. And maybe looking back in a couple of years I probably will think what I’m wearing now is funny,” he said.