Seniors take trip down memory lane with kid backpack trend


At a time when students haven’t been united for a year, the senior class is proving that they’re stronger than ever before.

Whether they’re cheering on the football team from the stands or preparing for the infamous color competition, the class of ‘22 is not holding back on school spirit.

One tradition that has proven this from the start is the “senior backpack” trend. Every year, the VHHS senior class chooses children’s backpacks to wear to school as a fun way to show their class pride.

“It’s just one thing that the seniors can do that’s different from anyone else,” said Alyse Lichtenstein (12). “I don’t know any other schools who do it, so it’s something unique that we can all do together.”

Many seniors chose to get backpacks with their favorite childhood television characters. In the halls, one might see Dora, Stitch, Elmo, or even a minion on some backpacks.

“I just feel like senior backpacks speak out for every person and who they are because they show what you watched as a kid,” said Anna Voichin (12). “It really speaks to everyone’s character and it gives you insight into what their childhood was like.”

The one downside of the senior backpacks is how quickly they fall apart. Denise Fuentes, who works in the College Resource Center, recounted how around homecoming week, seniors come to her asking for repair materials.

“We definitely used school resources like staplers, duct tape, and painters tape, which aren’t good resources to fix backpacks,” said Fuentes. “But it gets the job done while it gives seniors some time to order a new one or find a different method of repairing at home.”