Teen reviews Curology

Does it actually work?


Erin Kim (12) displays her past skincare products and the ones she uses now. She has massively decreased her routine whilst garnering great results.

You, too, could get clear skin like me by ordering your FREE custom Curology trial kit today (of course, with $4.95 shipping and handling). I kept seeing those annoying influencers pop up in my Youtube ads, touting the custom skincare company Curology as the Holy Grail of skincare. 

 I figured the kit was the cost of an overpriced vanilla latte, so I shrugged my shoulders and caved into starting the free trial. Aside from the “free” cost, I started Curology for two reasons: I genuinely wanted to improve my skin and love receiving mail with my name on it. 

Curology is a skincare company that makes custom formulas for clients based on the needs of their skin (acne, wrinkles, scarring, etc.). They send your personal information about your skin to licensed dermatology providers throughout the country, who then fill your prescribed formula called “superbottles” and send it straight to your mailbox. 

Dermatologists assess these specific needs through a short self-reported online quiz in your individualized Curology online portal—I was asked about my skin type, current skin routine and my medical history.

Throughout my Teenage Skin Journey, my skin suffered from acne, dark spots,scarring and clogged pores, all of which I noted on the skin quiz; I was also required to upload three pictures of my face to the Curology portal so that the dermatologist could visually assess my skin. 

After this, I received a prescription for my custom formula made of 0.25% Zinc pyrithione, 1% Clindamycin and 4% Niacinamide. These chemicals were stated to fight acne-causing bacteria, protect the skin against environmental damage and reduce inflammation, respectively. 

Within a couple of days, I received the cutest cardboard box in the mail with an instruction card and a white trial tube of the custom “super bottle,” as well as the generic purple Curology-branded moisturizer and cleanser. 

It’s a three-step process, in which I use the cleanser/moisturizer every morning and pat on the custom formula on my skin before bed. The skincare routine was a lot more concise and easy than my former routine (which wasn’t really helping me rid of acne or scarring): a cleanser, toner, serum for acne scars, moisturizer and acne spot treatment. 

The first week of the three-step process, I didn’t expect to see much of a difference, but I was actually baffled at how much my skin tone improved. I know this sounds like a paid promotion, but I promise you, TSP’s honor, that it’s not. My acne scars, which I had been trying to fade for months now with my BioOil acne scar serum, had significantly faded with Curology. The generic cleanser and moisturizer were nothing special, though; I noticed no difference between the Curology products and my own drugstore Cetaphil cleanser and Cerave moisturizer. 

During the second week, my acne scars continued to fade and blend in with my normal skin tone; however, I still got hormonal acne during my period, albeit less than normal, but I guess when your body works hard to discard the monthly buildup of the lining of your uterus, fluctuating hormones are normal during that time. 

Having less reddening in my skin and less inflamed acne made me more confident in my skin, and I checked my glowing complexion out in my Zoom camera many more times because of it. However, after the free trial ends, it’s $39.95/mo + shipping and handling for a small custom “superbottle” and full-size formula and cleanser.

 Personally, I don’t think I’ll continue with the full trial; however, I will consider purchasing only a small size of the custom formula ($19.95/mo + shipping and handling) since I feel like the curated chemicals actually worked for my skin’s needs. 

I want to end with this: Curology worked for me, but it may not work for everyone. With a $4.95 price tag for the Curology free trial, if you have skincare problems that aren’t addressed with your current skin routine, I’d skip the $5 morning coffee and try your luck with Curology. 


Trend Alert!

I bought a $10 jade roller from Amazon to add to my skincare routine: this tool is supposed to “stimulate circulation” and “encourage lymphatic drainage” (whatever that means), but I just like it because it feels nice on my skin after a long day. I love the cool, rejuvenating feeling of the green stone on my face that helps spread my moisturizer on. Although it may not have scientifically proven benefits, it’s a part of my day that I look forward to, and I recommend investing in this tool for a little self-care boost.