A Taste of Teriyaki Madness


Kaitlyn Booy

One of Teriyaki Madness’ main meals they sell are their bowls. One is shown here and has glazed chicken on top of many different vegetables.

For the past three months, I’ve been bombarded by different signs, but all of them have pointed me in the same direction. Ads on Instagram, overheard conversations from passersby, even comments made by my mom—all about one place: Teriyaki Madness.

Teriyaki Madness opened in Mellody Farm this past January. According to their website, Teriyaki Madness “serves up crazy delicious, fresh, Japanese inspired teriyaki bowls full of flavor.” They also offer a variety of meat and veggie options, so you can customize your bowl to your liking.

After months of ignoring the signs pointing me to the restaurant, I decided to bite the bullet and see if Teriyaki Madness was worth the hype. 

With my sister by my side, I walked into Teriyaki Madness, and we were greeted with the wonderful smell of—you guessed it—teriyaki. My mouth immediately started watering as we walked farther into the restaurant to get a glimpse at the menu.

My initial thoughts were that it was a clean, bright and inviting place. The kitchen is semi-open, so you can see the chefs preparing all the fresh food. There are also employees at the registers, ready to take your order. 

After debating between the many delicious options offered on the menu, I decided on a regular-sized bowl with fried rice and teriyaki chicken. My sister was not feeling a huge meal that day, so she got an appetizer of potstickers. 

The bowl I ordered was $7.99, and my sister’s potstickers were $4.69. In the end, our total came out to be around $16, because we tipped the employee, who was very nice and willing to help us out. 

One complaint I have about the restaurant is that there were a ton of mobile orders through their app, which we did not know about, so we had to wait 6 or 7 minutes before our food was ready. I wish the app had been advertised because we didn’t know it was an option.

Now, flash forward to when we got home. By that time, my stomach was screaming for some food, so I hurried to get my bowl out and my fork in the chicken. When I lifted the lid off the bowl, the amazing smell of the chicken hit me, and I was so excited to dive in.

I debated the kind of meat to order for my bowl, but the second I bit into my chicken, I was so glad to have gotten it. The chicken was so juicy, and the teriyaki sauce on it was beyond delicious. Digging further into my bowl, I reached to get a bite of the fried rice, which also exceeded my expectations.

The chicken teriyaki bowl I ordered was full of flavor and moisture, and I finished the entire meal easily. I would recommend getting a regular sized bowl because it is a generous portion for one person. 

My sister also enjoyed her potstickers. She is a picky eater, so I know that trying new restaurants is not her favorite thing. Luckily, Teriyaki Madness was a success for her, and when I asked how it was, she described the food as “good.”

Overall, I was glad I listened to my signs and ate at Teriyaki Madness. I would give the food a solid 10/10 and recommend the restaurant to anybody who loves Japanese cuisine.