Seniors share lunch favorites


pictured is Damianov’s nourish bowl. A healthy dish she has eaten many times for lunch.

Students sit in class, with stomachs starting to rumble. Finally, it hits 11:15 a.m. and it’s time for lunch – woo-hoo! After sitting nonstop for hours in Zoom classes, it’s finally time for a well- deserved chance to go to the kitchen, sit down, relax and enjoy the presence of the people at home or even just a change of scenery.
Regardless of if you’re staying at home or comfortable going out, here are two examples of lunches that our very own students would
like to share with you.

Mini Nourish Bowl

Deborah Damianov (12) runs her very own lifestyle account on Instagram called @_fitness_foodie. This is where she posts about what she eats in a day, even including the snacks she consumes. She arranges the food in an aesthetically pleasing way, bringing a bunch of vibrant colors together. She does this all while taking her time planning and ensuring that it is healthy too.

“If I could have one lunch for the rest of my life, it would probably be a mini nourish bowl and something sweet just because I have a big sweet tooth, and also nourish bowls taste and are amazing for you,” Damianov said.

The focus when eating meals should be fueling your body with foods that will actually give you energy and are good for you rather than always counting calories which, according to Damianov, is unnecessary. When asked if she takes into account calories, she mentioned that she used to but not anymore as she feels that it is toxic for her.

To the right is Damianov’s recipe for her nourish bowl. The positive aspect of the bowl is that it is customizable according to your liking. You can add different ingredients that are not mentioned here or
remove some ingredients if you don’t like them.

Some of the things she prepares are the chicken, quinoa and guacamole. She prepares the chicken at the start of the week and is able to use it throughout so there is a supply of constant protein. The quinoa and guacamole can be prepared beforehand but it is best advised to make them while preparing the nourish bowl so that it is fresh.

How to make your own Nourish Bowl:

– Prep the chicken
– As a base layer, add a bunch of greens (Spinach, Kale, Lettuce)
– Throw in some veggies (Bell peppers, Tomatoes, Cucumbers)
– Add proteins (Eggs, Tuna, Chicken)
– Spoon on some kind of dressing (Sour cream, Guacamole, Salsa)
– Lastly, top off with some kind of carbohydrates (Quinoa, Rice)

Chipotle Bowl

As a teenager who plays basketball and goes to the gym everyday Luke Anderson (12) needs as much energy as he can get. He is someone who doesn’t have time to always make food for himself during lunch, so, on those days when he buys food, he has a tough decision to make — healthy or unhealthy.

Anderson is not a big breakfast person, so for him, the classic Chipotle bowl is his usual way to go.

“If I could only have one thing for lunch everyday, it would be Chipotle,” Anderson said.

To him, Chipotle is a mixture of healthy and unhealthy as everything they put in the bowl, except for the steak, is healthy.

“It is a lot healthier than any other fast food places I would normally go to, and I get my sufficient intake of proteins and vitamins from it,” Anderson said.

Because of the quantity he gets, he likes to eat lighter during the rest of the day since the bowl fills him for quite some time.

“Some days all I eat is the bowl and some fruits and then I am good for the rest of the day,” Anderson said.

What goes in Anderson’s signature Chipotle bowl:
– Extra white rice
– Sour cream
– Cheese
– Guacamole
– Lettuce
– No beans

– Triple steak (apparently he is the only one
who gets this much!)
– He gets a tortilla, chips with guacamole and a
large drink on the side.

Luke's Chipotle bowl is pictured with a side of chips and a drink.
Luke’s Chipotle bowl is pictured with a side of chips and a drink.