What are we doing this weekend?

A senior recommends fun things to do around Lake County


VHHS students visit Kamins Farm Sanctuary for goat yoga.

Friday is here, and a long-awaited weekend has arrived. Students buzz with energy and rush out of school upon hearing the bell, indicating the end of 8th period and the school day. They meet up with their friends and the same question arises as usual: “What are we going to do today?” These were some responses to the question “What do you do for fun around VH?” on a TSP survey: “literally nothing,” “no,” “nothing really,” and “I usually end up going to Target.” VH students continuously complain about the lack of entertainment around, and I

myself am guilty of doing this as well. For this reason, I set on a mission to answer the question: What is there to do around VH other than eat and go to the mall? These are a few activities I landed on after some searching. Some are more high cost than others, but all are not the mall, and that is a win

Kamins Farm Sanctuary

This is an animal sanctuary only 20 minutes away from our high school. The farm hosts many events such as cuddle sessions where you get to meet the goats, sheep and horses, and it’s only $5.
An event that grabbed my attention was the goat yoga. This is a 45-minute activity costing $10 on weekdays and $25 on weekends. It is a relaxing and fun activity that’s suitable for all ages, so you can go with your friends or family.
I heard about this from sophomore Lucy Darling. She had posted pictures with her friends doing yoga and petting the goats. It seemed like such a fun and destressing thing to do, plus it is not something basic like going out for lunch.
“I really liked how laidback it was and that was my first time going,” Darling said.
That’s when Darling told me about Kamins Farm Sanctuary. From a quick look at their website, I became so excited to visit. There are many activities and lots and lots of cute goats. Go visit the page and look at the ‘Meet the Farm friends’ section, Dixie might be the cutest goat I’ve seen.

Independence Grove

Independence Grove is a huge park filled with many fun things people of all ages can do.
It’s a great place for biking, walking or even taking pictures. The park is a nice hangout spot if you’re looking for a change of scenery from basement walls.
At the lake, you have the opportunity to fish, or rent out kayaks and paddle boats.
The Marina rentals are open on weekends during Sept. through Oct. 14th, and April through May. During the summer, rentals are open daily.
One senior talked about her experience with the paddle boats.
“It was very fun and easy to do. I went with a lot of friends and we rented two boats, so four on each” Jessica Stoica (12) said.
I personally have also been on the paddle boats and I loved it. The view is so calming, and it is a simple activity to do. These only cost $12 an hour, and if you split with three friends, that’s only $3 each.

Roller Skating & Ice Skating

As fall approaches and the weather causes restrictions to outdoor activities, you and your friends can head to these indoor places.
There is a roller-skating place in Mundelein that’s less than a 15 minute drive from school. They offer open skates on multiple days and with a variety of times.
Sessions are between two hours and three and a half hours, depending on the day and time. Something that caught my attention was the $4 cheapskate Wednesdays where admission is down to $4 instead of the $7 on weekends. There is an additional $3 for skate rental.
Another option is the open ice skating at Glacier Ice Arena, which is by the school and right in Vernon Hills.
They post an open skate calendar every month and prices are $9 for the session and $3 for the skate rental.