New quarterback, new team


Thomas Monken sharpens his skills at practice in order to lead his team to victory.

Quarterback by night, regular highschooler by day. Thomas Monken (12) is the new VHHS starting quarterback. Thomas transferred into VHHS from LHS this year. He’s entering his fourth year of playing high school football.

The head coach for the football team, Mr. Bellecomo, referenced Thomas’s strong work ethic and his high IQ on the football field as what separates him from others.

“He’s a competitor, and I think that accentuates his greatest asset in the field. He loves the win.” Bellecomo said, “He’s a student of the game, so he puts the time in studying tape and in game plans.”
Thomas attributes this football knowledge to the long line of football coaches in his family’s past.
“I think I’m actually a pretty smart quarterback. I think I have a high football IQ because my whole family coaches,” Thomas said.

Mr. Monken, Thomas Monken’s father, was the first head coach at VHHS.
Because Mr. Monken is coach here and Thomas has transferred to VHHS, Mr. Monken is now in a coaching position while his son plays at VHHS.

“[Thomas is] kind of a goof; he’s fun to be around. He’s got a little bit of smart alec side — like his dad,” Mr. Monken said.

Senior Brad Gothelf plays defensive end on the football team. Gothelf noted how everyone on the team looks up to Thomas, and he takes football seriously.
“He’s a really genuine guy. He’s always honest with you,” Gothelf said. “Always gives you an honest answer and will never give you the shortcut.”

At press time, Thomas had led the Cougars to a 4-1 start. With the hard work and experience that his teammates and coaches attribute to him, the Cougars have gotten off to a better start than they did the previous year.