Students enjoy food, dance during World Language Week

World languages week was celebrated March 4 through March 8.

At VHHS, students had multiple opportunities to experience different cultures and languages.

Starting at the cafeteria, students had the chance to try new foods depending on the day’s theme. This year, the cafeteria served French, German, Polish, Puerto Rican, and Korean food.

On Tuesday, during language classes, students went to the studio theater for a show celebrating World Languages week. This year, VHHS hosted a Scottish dance group and a bagpipe player. The group included dancers ages 6, 10, 17 and 24. Each performed a dance individually and collective dances as well, showing the Scottish culture.  

In language classes, teachers planned activities such as the “learn a language and level up” meme contest. The memes were later distributed around lunch tables for other students to see and learn more about other languages through a good laugh.

On Friday, March 8, students, in language classes each brought a dish or piece of artwork displaying their own culture or that of the language they are studying.

Along with their display, a paper was provided to help other students understand the meaning and background of the dish or art.

This opportunity was only open to students in language classes. Mrs. Black, the language departments supervisor, explained that it would be hard to incorporate those not studying a language, since it’s held during each student’s language class.  

Logistically, including non-language classes is difficult. In order to have enough for all to try the various foods, everyone needs to contribute,” Mrs. Black said.

Students not enrolled in language classes seem to be missing out on this opportunity.

“It felt like I was missing out because I’m not in a language class. Everyone was talking about the food and I wanted to try it,” Jasmine Paulson (9) said.