Students use various methods to prepare for finals

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Study (verb): The act of texting, eating and watching TV with an open textbook nearby.

It’s the night before your first final. You’re stressed, thinking about whether reviewing is even worth it. You binge eat a big tub of ice cream. While this may be the easier route to take, effective study habits are important to have.

“Cramming is not an effective study method,” Mr. Mann, a psychology teacher at VHHS, stated. “You will remember more if you study some over several nights than if you study a lot the night before an exam.”

He mentioned that classrooms that tend to use a variety of teaching styles, such as auditory, visual and verbal, tend to be the best for students.

“I make notecards for my notes…[as well as] watch videos on YouTube to visually see things and draw things out,” Lexi Smolic (12) said.

Smolic is a visual learner, so watching Youtube videos and drawing things out really helps her. She usually starts studying a week before to be refreshed on all the information from the semester.

“I tend to sit in quieter areas for studying to reduce distractions,” Emma Stuart (12) said. “Using rhymes and mnemonics helps to memorize things.” 

Stuart is an auditory learner, so hearing things out with rhythms really helps her. She tends to memorize information right before the exam so it’s all fresh.

“[My] number one study tip is to use notes and lectures to study…[as well as] writing down the notes,” Keshav Trikha (10) stated.   

He recommends reviewing every few hours, with breaks in-between. 

“For late nights, I’ll put caffeine in my body to keep myself awake,” Trikha said.

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