Be the change

Volunteering is an experience like no other. Some people do it for college or to make a difference in someone’s life. Here are some ideas from your fellow classmates for the next time you want to volunteer.

  1. Jewish United Fund Camp Tov
    Avery Hessel [9]

    Eli Wolfson

    Can you explain Camp Tov?
    “Every day [you go] out to do multiple different public services activities, such as Feed My starving children, Bernie’s Book Bank and some Animal Shelters.”
    Why do you like Camp Tov?
    “I really think that it helps teens get involved and understand the problems around us, so we make a difference.”
    Why do you feel Camp Tov is important for students to know about?
    “It is important for students to help out even if it does not have to do with religion.”  


  2. Advocate Condell Medical Center, a Penwasciz volunteer
    Miriam Lerman [12]

    Can you explain Penwasciz program?
    “[You] get to observe nurses and help out patients. I’m an intern of the hospital, so I get to help out patients, I get to lead some sessions.” Lerman recommends this to VHHS students.
    Why do you feel Penwasciz program is important for students to know about?
    “If you want to go into the medical field, expediency to hospital setting, and you get to meet a lot of nurses and you get to talk to them about what they are doing.”


  3. The Ronald McDonald house
    Sarah Damianov [11]  

    Bethany Romanian Pentecostal Church youth group Instagram
    Bethany Romanian Pentecostal Church youth group Instagram

    Can you explain The Ronald McDonald house?
    “[It] helps families who have children in [near by children hospitals] live there for free or if they want [the people who stay] can give a donation. They have 3 meals a day, for every meal, there is a different group/organization that feeds them like other sports teams [for example the Bulls].”
    Why do you like The Ronald McDonald?
    “I like making people happy, I like feeding them, and helping others. I have been helped out a lot throughout my entire life, my family has been helped out a lot, and I just want to spread that to each others.”
    Why do you feel The Ronald McDonald is important for students to know about?
    “Some people may know people who are in these hospitals, so they might know they are have a lot of expenses to pay and they have a lot of things to do. Some of the people who live there actually are from different states because there are not so many Louries Hospital, and it is very important because they can impact someone’s life and make them happy and spread joy, and those people will want to spread joy; it is just like a cycle.”


  4. Feed My Starving Children
    Andy Chen [11]

    Can you explain Feed My Starving Children?
    “It is a place where you pack food, and that food gets sent to other countries, for example last year, we packed food and it got sent to Haiti to people who don’t have the opportunity to get food.”  
    Why do you like Feed My Starving Children?
    “It is not just about just one person, you can go with a group or many other partners you can work together for a good cause”
    Why do you feel Feed My Starving Children is important for students to know about?
    “At Feed My Starving Children, you can #VHGIVE to give kids food and make an impact all over the world.”  


  5. Libertyville Stars Swim Team
    Caralynn Orbell [11]

    Can you explain Libertyville Stars Swim Team?
    “Every Sunday we meet, and they have swim practice and then they go to swim meets, it’s Special Olympics, so it is special needs kids/adults. Their swiming with each other and getting better and working hard together.”     
    Why do you like Libertyville Stars Swim Team?
    “The positive energy in the room when you are swimming, and the people work hard and they get better. Just to see the improvement within the athletes; it just makes your day.”
    Why do you feel Libertyville Stars Swim Team is important for students to know about?
    “Not many people [at VHHS] know about it, and they need coaches and it is super fun and is fun to get involved and help out .”

  1. Libertyville Mobile Food Pantry
    Morgan Renihan [11]

    Can you explain Libertyville Mobile Food Pantry?
    “At this food pantry, families prepare and line up outside or inside the church walk along endless amounts of food, depending on how many people are in your family depends on how many items each category a family gets. When I’m there I typically help hand out food, and set up or take down everything”  
    Why do you like Libertyville Mobile Food Pantry?
    “I get to help families in need, every time I volunteer I see new sets of people that brighten my day, and it is nice to talk to the families and find out new ways how to be a better person.”
    Why do you feel Libertyville Mobile Food Pantry is important for students to know about?
    “You get to meet people that might not be like you and you get to see how other people live and communicate with each other, and it is always nice to see people’s smiles on their faces and to brighten people’s days.”


  2. Willow Creek Community Church-Promiseland
    Felicia E [11]

    Can you explain Willow Creek Community Church-Promiseland?
    “It is a Community Church in South Lake, and there are volunteer programs, just like normal ministry. There’s things like teaching the kids which is called Promiseland, where I volunteer, and there is just a lot of activities for different age groups, I lead small groups.”   
    Why do you like Willow Creek Community Church-Promiseland?
    “It is a really supportive community. I volunteer in the Promiseland area which is where you teach little kids. The pastors there really work to make sure that the kids have fun while they do every thing. Last time I went, they had this thing where they slimed one of the pastors, after that while the kids were excited we gave them trivia and jeopardy quizzes, so they actually learned things, and you also build relationships outside of it. I met one of the kids I teach outside of church, and her mom really liked me and she is my neighbor, and so we have a good relationship.”          
    Why do you feel Willow Creek Community Church-Promiseland is important for students to know about?
    “It is a really great place for volunteer opportunities. You can choose your own schedule, like what days of the month you go; you don’t have to be a frequent volunteer.”