The 5th Annual Freshman and Sophomore Play

This year’s Freshman and Sophomore play is The Green Bird by Hillary DePiano.

“The plot of this play is ridiculous by design,” play director Kevin Phelan said, “it is kind of a ridiculous version of a fairy tale, where there is a Green Bird, who people fall in love with and there are, lovers, kings, and soldiers”

One of the reasons Phelan choose this play is because it is in the style of Commedia dell’Arte. This is the idea of using stock characters in a play, like The Hero and The Villain.  “That’s what the play really is about: taking these characters and making them modern and fun in a fairy tale environment,” said Phelan

Emily Moisant (11) who was in the play her freshman year, is now the Stage Manager, “[This] is good that even though I’m a junior, I can still be involved in the show, and it is really nice to see new people in the theater.”       

Student Director Maddie Fernandez (11) said that she has learned, “how to focus on movement and how movement affects acting, especially such in a small space where movement affects people.”

Kyle Prochotsky (10), who plays the Green Bird, feels that he learned how to take his character and play him out like a hero.“[I learned] how to take on each character, [specifically stock characters] and how to bring them out to show the audience that that’s what you’re trying to be.”

Erica Floss-Becker (10) is in her second year being involved in this program, she plays Calmon, and described her character as both a narrator and a statue. Floss-Becker thought last year’s play was about plays and theater life, compared to this year’s play which has a plot and a story, which she likes better.

“I’m a big advocate of theater, it has gotten me a lot of friends. I think it is a good intro into coming to theater it gives you a little taste of everything,” said Prochotsky.