Zootopia Sheds Light on Today’s Injustices

Zootopia Sheds Light on Todays Injustices


         Disney is notoriously known for pulling on one’s heart strings. The writers try and convey deeper ideas into a heartwarming films. For example, in 2013’s Frozen we’re taught that we don’t need a lover to find happiness and be successful. In Inside Out, we learned the importance of allowing ourselves to fully express our emotions. However, these are just surface level compared to Disney’s newest animated film, Zootopia.

When we were little, it was hard to comprehend the true meaning behind these movies. All we saw was that the princess and the prince lived happily ever after and that was it. We didn’t think about the ideas hidden within the scenes.

Zootopia takes place in a post-human world where animals have learned to put aside their differences and live together in the city of Zootopia. They have human-like qualities and speak English.

Disney takes subliminal messages to a whole new level in this movie. The main character, Judy Hopps, is a small bunny who just wants to make it in the the law enforcement world as a police officer. However, this occupation is typically given to stronger and larger male animals. She is constantly told she isn’t good enough for the job, so Hopps sets out on a mission to solve Zootopia’s biggest case alongside a fox named Nick Wilde. Nick Wilde uses this case to prove himself and stray away from the notion that all foxes are sly and conniving.

Without giving too much away, the movie is one big adventure for the two trying to prove themselves and defy their stereotypes. Throughout the movie, Hopps becomes one of Zootopia’s finest police officers. Disney uses this little bunny to shed light on how we should never underestimate one person, or a group of people. Even though a job may be for certain people, she proves that anyone can do anything, and we shouldn’t put them down for trying.

However, the real subliminal message is within the fox, Nick Wilde. In the movie’s society the population is 90% prey and 10% predators, the predators are considered outsiders or evil. Disney shows this character being kicked out of places like an ice cream parlor or a boy scouts meeting just because he is a predator, when in reality, Wilde and predators have done nothing at all. After watching this movie, it is very clear that the writers were trying to say something about our society. They show how someone or in this case, a group of people can have disadvantages just from being who they are. One can clearly link this to racial, religion, sexuality, and gender injustices that happen today. Here is a list of things this film taught me:

1.  If you want to do something or be something, you are the only one that can decide what you can and can’t do.


2. If someone tells you that you can’t, use that has a reason to try harder and prove them wrong.


3. Every single person on this earth is different and we should embrace our differences and be proud of our individuality.


4. Don’t underestimate or overlook anyone.


5. We should never put someone down because of their background, religion, gender, sexuality, or color of their skin.


6.Don’t be prejudice to innocent people. Give everyone a chance.


7. Don’t sell yourself out. Find what you’re good at and work hard to always get better.


8.Self Confidence is key. The way you see yourself is way more important than anyone else sees you.


Disney has done it again and made a film that anyone can enjoy. If you go with little kids, they will see the hero underdogs who proved themselves. If you go with adults or teenagers, they will see the messages hidden underneath the plot. No matter who you go with, they will learn crucial messages that we certainly all need to hear in this age where injustice seems to become more and more prevalent.