Should you be in a play?


Eli Wolfson, Staff Editor

   Why should you not be in a play? The cast of this year’s Freshmen and Sophomore non-play; 30 Reasons Not to Be In A Play by Alan Haehnel, showed you all of there reasons.  I’ve been in the Freshman and Sophomore Play for two years. This a great experience for underclassmen.

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From left to right: Jack Farag, Jackson Knizhnik,Luis Catalan, Lee Judilla, Abbey Helfand, and Brooke Flouret


     When you enter freshman year everybody says, “Get involved! try something new!”  For the Freshman and Sophomores that want to try out something new, this play is a great. There are no cuts and everybody gets in. This is great for them because you don’t need to walk in as a great actor you will learn throughout the play and come out a better actor. Also it is not a main stage play which is like the musical, spring or winter plays but it will get you prepared for the musical by what it teaches you. It is not as big as the other plays so you don’t need to worry about stage fright.                  

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Donalie Black

     Jillian Boes (9) thinks that the fine arts program is, “great because everyone is so inclusive.” Boes also liked how she is not looked down upon because she is a freshman and that is what makes her want to be in theater more. Jackson Knizhnik (9) thought, “[that] being in a play is a really fun experience.” Also Knizhnik said that it takes time, commitment and you have to devote yourself to it, but if you want to be in a play go for it. Brooke Flouret (9) said, “Typically, the better programs are the ones where you can act professionally but incorporate fun and laughter into it.” She made it clear that the program here does just that.

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From left to right: Samantha Kolber, Eli Wolfson, Darby Barnett and Mr. Killinger

    Skylar Max (10) said, “This year I feel more experienced because I actually know what I’m doing.” Max reflected that instead of last year’s play where she claims to goofing around during practice, but now Nax knew what she is doing for this play.  Maddie Fernandez (10) really liked last year’s play “because it was about using your body [to act].” She liked it because it was a different style of acting, as you cannot use words.

     Working on this play there were two student directors, Kristina Imshaite (12) and Anusha Das (12), and the stage manager Kayley Woolums (12).  Imshaite said “last year’s show was a show for kids. There was less maturity in it, and now the cast is more mature, [too].” She also mentioned that the people that were in it last year did even better than they did last year.