Are you ready for Halloween?

It’s never too early to start thinking about some Halloween thrills. Cuba Road, Rainbow Road, The Gate, Lake Forest College. You’ve probably heard about all of them, but the real question is have you been there? All of these places and many more are “haunted” according to urban legend. But how many people have actually experienced these events? Of course, going to these places can be scary in itself, especially if you go at night. Many people freak themselves out just by hearing strange noises.

A few faculty members and students who made the trek out to these places, which left them beyond frightened.

One legend in particular is that of, Cuba Road. It is urban legend that a hitchhiker walks along Cuba Road and comes into people’s cars. About twelve years ago, Mr. Pardun was a swim coach at Lake Zurich High School. One night he decided to take his swim team to a haunted house. On the way back, since everyone was still super spooked, they decided to make a visit to Cuba Road.

They began driving on a road until they saw a girl riding her bike in a white dress and a white hood; Pardun turned the bus around and pulled up next to the girl.

He asked, “Are you okay?” She proceeded to look down at her handle bars. Pardun’s next thought was to scare his bus full of girls and ask if she was the hitchhiker.

So then he asked, “Are you the hitchhiker?” The girl then turned her head toward the bus and all they saw was pure darkness. Empty space. She had no head. Of course, everyone, Pardun included, freaked out. They then drove away as fast as they could. Pardun said he has never seen anything again nor heard of someone experiencing something like this.

Not only does Pardun live right off of Cuba Road, but him and his family often times participate in Haunted Houses. Haunted Houses are another great thing to make a visit to around Halloween time. You’ll be sure to get a scare!

Similar to Cuba Road is Rainbow road which is frequently visited in hopes for a similar experience as Pardun.

“I went with my poms team to Rainbow Road. We never actually saw anything, but it always felt like there was someone there,” said Josie Amidei (12).

Cuba Road isn’t the only place where spooky activity can happen. Sometimes it’s just an ordinary business building that can give someone a scare. VHHS art teacher, Mrs. Molloy’s, father owns a chiropractor in Vernon Hills, which has another business right above his. Sometimes, when he stays at work late at night, he hears footsteps upstairs and the sounds of moving chairs going back and forth. The following day when he comes to work everything upstairs is scattered and the computers are changed to French.

Molloy also experienced a ghostly presence when she attended Lake Forest College, where the art building is said to be haunted. There is a legend that a soldier comes around the building riding his horse.

“Although I’ve never seen the soldier himself, whenever I stay late in the darkroom I always hear footsteps above me,” said Mrs. Molloy.

With Halloween just around the corner, who knows what creepy figures could be lurking around these areas? Maybe you’ll meet a ghost or two.

pardun and famPardun and son