Students ‘moo’ve and groove at kick off


Addison Mooney

Moo Moo Milky’s Final Moo: Senior boys strike a pose after performing a high-energy number at the senior Lip Sync.

On Aug. 17, VHHS hosted its annual Kick Off Dance on Rustoleum football field. The night consisted of the Senior lip sync, dancing, and a visit from Kona Ice — a way for students to unite after over a year of separation.

Each Senior lip sync team practiced their routines prior to the big performance.

Seniors Victoria Lukyan, in the “22 Jump Street” group, and Kevin Schumacher, in the “Cougar Watch” group, enjoyed the process of preparing for the dance and performing.

“I just thought it was so fun that we can all come together,” Luykan said. “The seniors last year couldn’t really do anything like this, and it was just super fun to bring everyone back to school with their school spirit. Also, to just perform in front of everyone was so fun. This was probably one of the best moments of my high school experience.”

All classes were represented in the crowd as each team performed in front of the student body.

“All the groups were really supportive of one another,” said Alexandra Sinclair (12) , “In the beginning, the crowd was really dead, and not really saying anything. So we were all nudging each other like, hey, let’s hype each other up.”

Schumacher also noted that the seniors were more supportive of each other than competitive.

“No one was like ‘I want to win, I’m only going to focus on ourselves.’ Everyone was kind of in there with the same goal of just enjoying the moment,” Schumacher said.


Alina Bojniewicz and Priya Shlimon contributed to this report.