Introducing new staff at VHHS


New VHHS teachers pose in front of the building.

In the 2019-2020 school year, there are many teachers and staff who are new to our school. There are 19 new staff members that have been introduced to Vernon Hills High School.

This year’s freshman classes are larger. As a result of this, the school needed more staff in several departments.

One of these new additions is a counselor, Mr. Avila; he has a lot to say about the type of students that we have. 

“[I like] the welcoming and friendly environments that are provided, and the relationships I’ve already made with students so far,” Mr. Avila said. 

But, it is not all about being positive; teachers have to deal with different obstacles.

“As a first-year teacher, you have a lot of new responsibilities, and it’s time management and staying organized,” Mr. Hoveydai said.


Mr. Hovedai

This is Mr. Hoveydai’s first year of teaching, but he has been with the school as an aide in the Special Education department for the past few years.

New teachers in this school like different things that make the school unique, but Mr. Hoveydai is a fan of the DARING mission.

Many teachers do different things on their off days, whether it is hanging out with family or playing a friendly game of basketball with their friends.

“I enjoy playing sports such as golf, tennis, and basketball,” Hoveydai said. 

Hoveydai also enjoys spending time with his wife and family as much as possible.


Ms. Fuentes

Ms. Fuentes is our new school College Resource Center Assistant, and she plays a vital role in helping students find the right college. 

Ms. Fuentes is looking forward to many tasks while she is at VHHS. 

She said she’s looking forward to “getting to know the culture of VHHS and helping seniors accomplish their goals.”

On Ms. Fuentes’ off days, she spends time with family and studies.

“[You can] find me on my couch doing my homework, because I’m in my master’s program,” Ms. Fuentes said. 


Mr. Avila

Mr. Avila is a new counselor to Vernon Hills High School. Although this is a new high school for him, this is not his first time being a counselor. He has worked as an academic adviser, and then a school counselor, for the past three years. He is looking forward to many different things in the upcoming year. 

“Trying to be visible and apparent as much as I can is the biggest thing for me, and creating those meaningful relationships,” he said. 

Mr. Avila has a pretty large list of things he does after school. 

“Exercise is number one — anything from playing basketball to swimming, biking and running,” he said.

Also adding to that, Mr. Avila is an avid “Game Of Thrones” watcher.

“My wife and I watch ‘Game Of Thrones’ and call it a night,” he said.