Opinion: All talk, no quotes

A senior shares his opinion on lack of student action in response to the discontinuation of senior quotes

I heard about the rumors of the staff taking away our senior quotes a while ago, and talk about the subject was spreading around the senior class rapidly. It seemed as if everyone, including myself, had a mutual frustration with the idea, and the more talking that happened, the more angry students became.

After Dr. Guillaume announced to the TSP staff that the cancellation of the senior quotes was real, the information was posted on the TSP Instagram.

Hours after the post was initially put online, it was trending among Vernon Hills students. The post was viewed 3,295 times, with 82 comments mostly voicing their anger toward the decision.

In seeing the backlash online, I realized that our 2020 class was beyond disappointed and surprisingly flustered about not having senior quotes in this year’s yearbook. Dr. Guillaume organized two separate meetings that were open to the student body to discuss the topic and to hear out the students. I attended both of the meetings, eager to hear the rebuttals to come. With the huge uproar from the students, I was worried about not even getting a seat in the classroom.

The first meeting was the complete opposite of what I expected; a total of five people attended, including myself and two friends I dragged along with me. I was extremely curious as to why so few people showed up. I assumed that it was extracurricular activities causing them to miss the meeting.

The meeting was quick and straight to the point, with no one asking any questions or making any statements. Dr. Guillaume ran through the situation with us, and he explained his reasoning behind the decision.

After hearing him speak, my personal opinion on the situation didn’t change. I still thought that the class of 2020 should have our senior quotes, since they have been a part of our yearbook every year we have been in high school. I imagined myself looking back on the senior quotes when I am in college to be reminded of everyone’s personalities.

Still passionate about the quote situation, I attended the second meeting, as well. When I showed up, I saw a sign on the door. The sign stated that Dr. Guillaume left early because no one showed up…

Eventually, a group of girls did show up and Dr. G reappeared. I analyzed the group that was there, and I realized that it was just a singular group of friends who mutually agreed to come. Considering the small attendance and lack of participation in the meeting, my whole opinion on the matter changed.

When the Instagram post went up, it caused outrage among users on Instagram. Infuriated by the decision that Dr. Guillaume made, it seemed like everyone wanted to voice their opinions; but when the opportunity to speak their minds directly to the source came about, barely anyone showed up. Our class doesn’t even deserve these quotes.

There is no saying what we could’ve gotten out of these meetings, but we could have fought for a chance to keep the senior quotes for ourselves and future classes to come. Even if Dr. Guillaume was certain about not giving these quotes back, the least we could do is express our opinions to Dr. G himself. Instead, everyone decided to rant about it on social media, in the halls and everywhere but where it would count.

If I was in Dr. Guillaume’s shoes, I wouldn’t reconsider my decision. We don’t deserve these quotes because we didn’t do anything about it, even after we were given the chance to speak to him.