VHHS Navigates away from Naviance

VHHS has been using a software called Naviance in order to send colleges application materials. Recently however, because of issues with the software’s layout, VHHS has made the change to SCOIR, a system which is easier to navigate.

Naviance is a software that is meant to help students and parents research colleges and career choices. VHHS also uses this software to send student transcripts and application materials at the request of the student.

While the software did help facilitate sending transcripts, according to Assistant Principal Greg Stilling, it was also somewhat inconvenient.

“One of our concerns with Naviance is it was not very user friendly for students. We felt that, too often, students were confused about the process for navigating Naviance and were left unsure if their materials were sent to colleges as they requested,” Stilling said.

This opinion is echoed by a number of students, like Ashley Kim (12).

“It was honestly pretty confusing to use,” Kim said. “It was fine to see different colleges, but whenever you wanted to look for a scholarship or something, it would be really confusing. Still, I think it was kind of helpful.”

The search for a substitute for Naviance has been going on for about two years, and this year, the school has settled on a software known as SCOIR. According to Stilling, SCOIR does the same things as Naviance but appears to be a bit more user friendly.

According to College Counselor Rebecca Bellito, SCOIR is built with a more modern design. It also provides students with different programs that might help them find a college better suited to them or programs that can recommend you a career path. It can even provide a virtual tour of different colleges,” Bellito said.

According to Stilling, this change will not affect affect current seniors.

“We will start using SCOIR with current juniors, sophs, and freshman” Stilling said.

Some juniors, like Pavan Patel (11), are excited for the change.

“It’s pretty helpful,” Patel said.“The webpage and browser [for Naviance] are boring, which made it suck when I had to search through it. I’m hoping that next year it will be more simple to find what you need.”