VHHS recognizes 108 honor graduates


This year the number of honor graduate students has almost doubled compared to that of last year’s. There are 108 honor graduates this year, which is 30% of the senior class.

To be an honor graduate, seniors need to achieve an average 4.0 weighted GPA or higher over the first seven semesters of high school. While not required, most honor graduates are also involved with extracurricular activities, such as sports and clubs.

Multiple reasons can explain this increase, such as the AP classes introduced for that class. For the class of 2019, classes such as AP computer science, AP World History, and AP Human Geography were just made available that year at VHHS.

“These students had access to additional AP courses that allowed more students to achieve the required GPA to become an honor graduate,” Dr. Young, Director of Programming and Data Analysis, said.