Boy’s Track team strides towards success


Adrian Carrasco

The running team warms up for practice in the foyer during the indoor track season.

Starting the season in the middle of January, Head Coach Mark Morgan and his track team have set their eyes on competing and improving. Already seeing some overall team success with notable invitational meet results, the Boy’s Track team is setting themselves up for glory as the season goes on.

“We’ve placed 5th three times in a few invitationals and usually there are about 15 to 20 schools competing,” Morgan said.

Within each event team, you can find individuals taking pride in their event. To second-year thrower Eamon Kelleher (11) and others on the team, bringing their best all together is something they put great effort toward.

“A lot of the guys have been lifting and going to open throws as soon as the beginning of the first semester,” Kelleher said. “Personally, I’m pretty proud of how I’ve been doing. I set a new personal record… I’ve made a lot of growth since last season.”

Morgan, the team’s first-year head coach, has already seen the great connection of the team.

“We have about 65 kids. This is one of the biggest teams I’ve worked with,” Morgan said. “A lot of the guys are good friends from school and support each other even if they’re a runner, sprinter or jumper.”

Kelleher also noted that team bonding is crucial when trying to create positive results as one unit. Team chemistry takes many forms, but Kelleher shared one of the team’s ways to bring themselves closer together

“For throwers, at the end of every practice, we like to end it with a saying. It’s ‘throw-bros on three’,” Kelleher said. He took a pause, then demonstrated by letting out a hearty, “one-two-three throw-bros!”

It’s not just the throwing team that value team training — runners also come in just about every day to practice altogether. John Russo (12), a 200 and 100-meter sprinter, has also been prepping for the rest of the season.

“We’re still in our indoor season so we’re getting back to our peak times,” Russo said. “I think I’ve been doing decent, not the best, I still need to get back in shape.”

Russo reiterated a message that coach Morgan likes to share with his own team — improvement should be the focus above all. The runner’s philosophy falls right in line with his coach’s.

“It might sound silly, but I just want everyone to get better — that should be the goal for every individual,” Morgan stated. “The nice thing about track and field is that it is very clear to see improvements.”

Further, Morgan believes that it’s better for the athletes to get the work they need done rather than over train and potentially harm their bodies in pursuit of improvement.

“I take a minimalist approach. We don’t want to overwork our kids; it’s get your work done and go home,” Morgan said. “Some kids are surprised… I see it more as working smarter, not necessarily harder. I’d like to say I’m laid back.”

Both Russo and Kelleher value being part of a team, but improving their own performance is also a key focus.  Staying committed is key to the boys, and it’s what keeps them on track through the season.

“It’s a long season, but I’m excited. We’re going to do a lot of bonding, get bigger, faster, stronger and get a lot further together,” Kelleher said.