JSA hosts voter registration for upcoming elections in attempt to Fight Apathy


Katy Brennan

Students signed their names on this poster following registration to vote during lunch periods.

On March 20, Illinois citizens will cast their vote in the gubernatorial primaries. About 30 percent of the student body at VHHS will be able to vote in these primaries, as you must be 18 years old on or before Nov. 6 to vote.

Vernon Hills High School Junior State of America (JSA) held a voter registration event on March 1 and 2 during lunch periods in conjunction with their annual #Fight Apathy campaign.  

“We (held) a Voter Registration Drive in the beginning of March, which we hope will encourage people to register to vote,” Ceci Gao, vice president of VHHS JSA, said. “This will involve students in the primaries, which we also hope to do through informing more people about opportunities to intern with different candidates.”

JSA is aiming to reduce apathy in elections by giving students an easy way to register and a bit of encouragement to do so.

“Fighting apathy is important, especially for young adults, because it allows students like us to participate in our democratic society,” Gao said.

JSA also provided an opportunity for students to get involved in campaigns earlier this year through visits with different campaign staffs. This allows for students who cannot vote to still be involved in the democratic process.  

In December, campaign staffers from J.B. Pritzker, Daniel Biss, Bruce Rauner, and Jeremy Wynes visited our school’s JSA meeting. As a result, some students now volunteer their time to these campaigns.

“The internship opportunities that are open to students are mainly to campaigns on both sides of the political spectrum; there are congressional and gubernatorial campaigns, as well as a few other local campaigns,” Gao added.

Students can vote at their local polling place, which is decided by address. They must preregister to vote either online or in person. For seniors who are going to college in a different state, they should request an absentee ballot at least two weeks before the election. More information is available at USA.gov or the DMV’s website.