Cougars converse: 7 new class ideas

Students brainstorm new ideas for classes

Illustration made by Isay Nochebuena

VHHS offers a great variety of classes. But some students would like to see new classes added to the school curriculum. From game design to yoga, here is a list (in no particular order) of classes students would like to see added to the curriculum:


1. A second year of Health

Many students enjoyed the first year of health class, like Ryan Pristas (11) who said, “I would like to see another type of health class taught, like sports medicine, because I thought health class was pretty cool.”

2. Animation

Some students would like to see a variation on the basic graphic design class. Eddie Lin (9) said, “I would love to see an animation class, since I have always found animation very interesting.”

3. Game Design

Some students are interested in learning how to program a game. Josh Lopez (12) said “We have everything here, but maybe a game development class — that would be pretty cool.”

4. Third year of Computer Science

Some people are very interested in taking a 3rd year of Computer Science, like Isaac Booher (10), who said he would enjoy “a more advanced form of computer science. We already have two years but I personally would enjoy a third”

5. SAT practice class

Although VHHS offers some different SAT prep classes like Khan Academy, some students would like a more in-depth course that teaches strategies for how to study for the SATs. Urvi Dubey (10) said, “I know a lot of students would be interested in taking an SAT prep class.”

6. More Physical Education options

Although VHHS offers many different gym classes, students would like to see even more added to the curriculum. Some want a team sports class, while others want more specific classes, like boxing. Next year, students who meet prerequisites will have the opportunity to take a more customized weights class.

Aris Herrera (12) said,“I am pretty satisfied with the classes so far, but I would like to see a more customized weights class.”

7. Yoga

Tara Moyers (12) said, “I would like to see yoga class.”

Whether it would be a PE course or just a fun elective, students would enjoy taking this class.


In the end, we offer plenty of classes at VHHS.

Dr. Guilliaume pointed out, “We offer just as many, if not more classes than some bigger schools.”

Yet, students would still like to see some new classes offered at VHHS.