Students lettuce know their opinions about new salad bar


The new salad bar features fresh vegetables and a variety of toppings.

Isay Nochebuena, Staff Reporter

Students who desire a healthier choice for lunch at the cafeteria have finally gotten their wish, thanks to a group of students who asked the school board for a salad bar.

It seems to be a success with students, as many have expressed their enjoyment of the new addition.

“It’s pretty good. I like how it has all of these varieties of vegetables,” Damian Valenzuela (9) said.

The quality of these vegetables has also been praised.

“The vegetables are always fresh, and that makes them super good,” Chucky Murphy (9) said.

Mr. Pagani, health teacher, said that students have wanted a salad bar for a long time, but a group of students finally decided to stand up and ask for one.

“Every year, we have a survey asking kids what we can do to get kids to make healthier life decisions, and every year the kids suggest a salad bar,” Mr. Pagani said.

It seems that the goal of the salad bar – helping students make better decisions – has been achieved.

“I used to get pizza at the cafeteria [in junior high], but now I like to grab a salad every now and again,” Noah Kalicki (9) said.

The plan for a salad bar came from Ms. Abood’s classroom. Her College Prep Writing class put together proposals for changes to the school, and one group presented to the Board of Education.

“A group of students ( who have now graduated) came up with the idea to put a salad bar in the school cafeteria, due to the lack of healthy choices in the cafeteria.” Ms. Abood said.

Overall, the salad bar seems to be a very solid addition to the school. Many teachers and other students have said the salad bar was a welcome change.