Blast from the past: Halloween costumes

Cara Giron, Staff Reporter


Molloy Jack Sparrow1Ms. Molloy

Costume: Jack Sparrow

Year: 2012

Description: “Every year I am a different Johnny Depp character…[My students] didn’t think it was me. It was probably the most masculine costume I’ve worn.”





Mr. Phelan

Costume: Annie

Year: 1985

Description: “This was the second time I [dressed as Annie]. The first time went over so well I figured let’s bring back a classic. When you own a bright orange curly wig you have to go as Annie.”


scan0038Mr. (Al) Frank

Costume: Painter

Year: Circa 1955

Description: “At that age no one cared about costumes: We just wanted the candy, and the candy handed out back then were full size bars nothing was bite size like it is today.”





Emily Fagel (12)

Costume: Inflatable Clown  Screenshot 2015-09-25 at 1.59.46 PM

Year: 2008

Description: “I chose this costume because it was inflatable and I thought that was super cool. My friends were all pretty jealous.”




Mr. Curry

Costume: Syndrome (The Incredibles)

Year: 2006

Description: “I think my coworkers were jealous of how fabulous I looked.”










Mrs. Geltner

Costume: Graphing calculator

Year: 2001

Description: “I was a math education major at the UNiversity of Illinois… I cut out the poster, and I actually measured the sine curve on the back of the graphing calculator and made it proportional to the cover of the calculator. My friends, who were also math education majors, thought I was amazing, and other normal people on campus thought I was a dork.”